Powerful Ways to Prevent Bullying

Being a friend, having a friend:

Every child has the right to be part of a family, a class, a school, and a community and to be accepted for who they are.  This training presents important information to adults who may believe that bullying is a rite of passage or ‘normal’ for a child to experience- that it is a form of violence.  Provides a framework for a school community or youth program to prevent, recognize and respond to bullying in a way that is consistent, fair and universal.  There has been a lot of research done on bullying in recent years. One of the key findings has been that healthy friendships seem to discourage the more serious acts of bullying behavior. Being a friend and having a friend are powerful ways to prevent bullying.


  • Provide a research-based, accessible, user-friendly education vehicle for early and education professionals and parents on the issue of bullying
  • Provide technical assistance to child-serving systems in integrating bullying prevention into policy and existing curriculum
  • Provide colorful research-based resource with activity ideas that build community