Hypothermia Treatment and Prevention

Act Fast

Hypothermia is a life threatening condition that occurs when the body’s temperature is brought below 95° F. Action needs to be taken quickly. Symptoms can include: slurred speech, incoherence, memory loss, disorientation, uncontrollable shivering, drowsiness, stumbling, and exhaustion. If you suspect someone may have hypothermia, take the victim’s temperature, if under 95° F, seek medical care immediately. 


Hypothermia When Medicare is not Available

Hypothermia When Medicare is not Available 

If the Individual is Unresponsive

If the victim appears unresponsive, is unconscious and appears to lack a pulse, handle the individual with care and seek medical attention immediately. If the victim is not breathing and you are trained in CPR, begin performing CPR.

If you would like seek CPR training, the American Red Cross provides CPR training. Click here to sign up for a class.

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