Water Contamination

What are hidden water supplies?

Hidden water supplies are unusual and emergency places to find water if your water supplies are gone. Water supplies can become damaged in an emergency which can lead to contamination of normal water supplies.

Hidden sources of water inside your home:

  • Water that has been placed in ice cube trays in the freezer
  • Water from your toilet storage or reserve tank can be used. Do not use this water if it is blue because chemicals have been used
  • Water can be drained from the pipes inside your home. Open a faucet on the top floor of your home. Next go to the faucet at the lowest point in your home. Open the faucet and drain out the water you need into a storage container
  • Water can be drained from the drain spout of a water heater. Be sure the electricity and/or gas are off before opening the drain. Drain the water into a storage container.

Hidden sources of water outside your home:

*WARNING: These sources can be considered as a potential source; however, they may contain bacterial or chemical pollutants which can be hazardous to your health*

Rivers & Streams
Natural Springs

*Boil water from these sources at least 10 minutes to drinking, but be cautioned chemical pollutants will NOT be removed by boiling.

Make water safe

Water often can be made safe to drink by boiling, adding disinfectants, or filtering.

IMPORTANT: Water contaminated with fuel or toxic chemicals will not be made safe by boiling or disinfection. Use a different source of water if you know or suspect that water might be contaminated with fuel or toxic chemicals.

CAUTION: Do not use more chlorine bleach than recommended because excessive amounts can be poisonous!

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