Continuing Pharmaceutical Representative

License Renewal

Pharmaceutical representative licenses are valid for 1 year. Renewal is annual and based upon your expiration date and we accept applications for renewal pharmaceutical representative licenses throughout the year.

  • Step 1: To qualify for license renewal, you must complete a minimum of 5 hours of approved continuing education annually.
  • Step 2: At time of license renewal, the applicant will affirm that they have completed five hours of continuing education during the previous year.
  • Step 3: Once the applicant has affirmed that the continuing education courses have been completed and after payment is made and reviewed, the pharmaceutical license will be renewed.

Approved Continuing Education Courses

  • Review the list of approved courses; listed in sections by Education Provider.
    • Note: Each Education Provider has an email listed for any problems or questions with specific courses.
  • Select your course(s) and then follow the course link to access selected course(s) with cost and delivery details (as applicable).
  • Take the course(s).
  • Make sure you obtain your certificate of completion for each course taken (contact the provider immediately with problems).
  • Keep this certification in your records (for at least 5 years) to submit to the Pharma Rep Education team if your record is audited in the future.

Discontinuing Pharmaceutical Representative License

To cancel your pharmaceutical representative license, do not renew after your current license has expired and please email to have your name removed from our mailing list.

Auditing: You will not have to submit the certificates as part of the license renewal process, but you will need to retain them. Upon renewing the license, applicants will affirm that 5 hours of approved continuing education have been completed in the preceding year. Each year, CDPH will audit a subset of renewal applications to confirm that applicants have completed this continuing education requirement.

Upon request, applicants must provide information on courses completed, including:

  • The title and date of the course (s)
  • Number of credit hours completed
  • Name of the education provider (s)
  • Signed certificate (s) of completion

CDPH may confirm this education with the continuing education provider.