20 New Single-Family Homes Approved for Humboldt Park Through the City Lots for Working Families (CL4WF) Program

October 26, 2022

Today, City Council approved an ordinance authorizing the Department of Housing to negotiate and execute an agreement with Inherent Invest Homes LLC (Tim Swanson & Harry Huzenis) through the City Lots for Working Families (CL4WF) program. The agreement allows Inherent Invest Homes to purchase twenty (20) city-owned lots for $1 each for the construction of 21 single-family homes. The agreement also allows for the waiver or reduction of some permit fees, both of which are standard features of the CL4WF program. The CL4WF program ordinance (Journal Pages 59287 – 59295) states that only 20 homes are allowed in a single development. DOH and the applicant are seeking a waiver to this requirement to allow 21 homes to be built, as one of the lots at 554 N Monticello is a double lot (50 X 125), where 2 houses can be constructed.

Every Inherent Home will include five years of an industry-first collection of support services to protect the buyer, their family, and their home - all with the option to extend based on homebuyer needs. These support services include:

  • express limited workmanship warranty.
  • quarterly maintenance and support.
  • term life insurance (subject to underwriting).
  • disability insurance (subject to underwriting).
  • monitored security system.

Inherent recently completed the build-out of their modular home production facility at 4647 W. Polk St in the 24th Ward. Inherent is currently constructing two homes for lots purchased from the Cook County Land Bank at 639 N. Lawndale and 647 N. Lawndale.

This development would represent the City’s first involvement with this type of modular housing, where the first and second floors will be constructed wholly in a factory-controlled setting, separately trucked to the permanent sites, and hoisted by crane onto foundations.

PIN Address Appraised Value
16-11-104-028 3740 W HURON ST $29,000
16-11-104-029 3738 W HURON ST $29,000
16-11-114-022 654 N RIDGEWAY AVE $21,000
16-11-114-023 652 N RIDGEWAY AVE $21,000
16-11-114-024 648 N RIDGEWAY AVE $21,000
16-11-114-025 646 N RIDGEWAY AVE $21,000
16-11-114-031 632 N RIDGEWAY AVE $21,000
16-11-114-032 628 N RIDGEWAY AVE $21,000
16-11-116-005 645 N LAWNDALE AVE $21,000
16-11-116-006 643 N LAWNDALE AVE $21,000
16-11-116-015 615 N LAWNDALE AVE $26,000
16-11-116-016 613 N LAWNDALE AVE $21,000
16-11-116-018 3658 W OHIO ST $14,000
16-11-116-020 3654 W OHIO ST $14,000
16-11-116-021 3652 W OHIO ST $14,000
16-11-116-022 3650 W OHIO ST $14,000
16-11-116-023 3648 W OHIO ST $14,000
16-11-123-004 3713 W OHIO ST $23,000
16-11-123-005 3711 W OHIO ST $23,000
16-11-124-027 554 N MONTICELLO AVE $40,000
Total   $429,000


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