For Seniors

Federal health officials now recommend that people ages 65 and older should receive one additional dose of the updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine. The recommendation is based on evidence that older adults are at greatest risk of serious illness or hospitalization if they get COVID-19 and therefore additional protection is warranted. The additional dose is to be administered at least 4 months following the initial dose of the vaccine that was released in Fall 2023. The vaccine, which was designed to target circulating variants in 2023-24, is still widely available at pharmacies and medical clinics.

Make an appointment or get vaccination information by calling the City of Chicago COVID-19 Helpline at 312.746.4835

Older adults are more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19. The vaccine is safe for seniors, including those with diabetes, high blood pressure, lung and heart conditions. The COVID-19 vaccine and the updated vaccine doses are especially important for seniors.

Neighbors for Life

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods and close-knit communities that take care of one another. Neighbors for Life celebrates Chicagoans who have stepped up during the pandemic – specifically by helping others get their COVID-19 vaccine and educating communities about the benefits of being vaccinated. The City's COVID-19 Hotline is an open resource to Chicagoans to connect with a fellow Chicagoan and receive support navigating the changes in our city during the pandemic, scheduling a vaccination appointment, locating a vaccine event in their neighborhood, or just getting their questions answered. Call us at (312) 746-4835.

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Neighbors for Life: The Ibarras & Brianna

A 67-year love story is still going strong thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine, and a volunteer named Brianna.

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Neighbors for Life: Mr. Taylor & Kamren

What does a retired Chicago firefighter and US Marines vet do when he has COVID-19 questions? He makes a call.

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CDPH | Neighbors for Life: The Seniors of the Sullivan Building & Gloria

Getting hundreds of Chicago seniors the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t take a village. It takes a Gloria.

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Neighbors for Life: Lorena & Carla

Lorena had major concerns about the vaccine. Thanks to Carla, she has major relief from getting it.