Chicago Department of Public Health Weekly Media Brief, 5/2/2024

May 2, 2024

CDPH Public Information

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is mental health awareness month and CDPH is kicking it off by offering free QPR Gatekeeper trainings in the communities with the highest suicide mortality rates in each region of Chicago. QPR Gatekeeper training increases the number of people within the community who can support and respond during critical moments when someone is struggling emotionally or in crisis. Broad community trainings provide unique opportunities to address mental health concerns on a community level, encourage open conversations about suicide, and raise awareness about available crisis mental health resources in Chicago. In addition, CDPH will train the city's workforce, starting with CDPH staff, and employees of Chicago Public Libraries.

Visit to learn more and register for trainings.

CDPH reminds everyone to contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline if you are experiencing mental health-related distress or are worried about a loved one who may need crisis support. 988 is confidential, free, and available 24/7/365. To connect with a trained counselor, call or text 988, or chat on the website

Beyond new QPR programming, CDPH is committed to offering accessible mental health services for all Chicago residents. CDPH provides clinical services in CDPH-operated clinics and in partnership with community-based providers throughout the City of Chicago. Visit the CDPH website to find mental health services in your community.

New Healthy Chicago Podcast

On the newest episode of Healthy Chicago Podcast, CDPH Medical Director of Communicable Diseases Dr. Stephanie Black talks about her work identifying outbreaks, stopping the spread of contagious diseases, and tracking a bacteria that we're hearing more about that often causes meningitis.

Dr. Black explains what this bacteria is, how people get it and how it's treated, and discusses how the United States is currently seeing more infections now than in the past.

Listen and watch: Apple - Spotify - YouTube

CDPH Joins LGBTQ+ Health and Housing Fair

CDPH is partnering with the Chicago Department of Housing, the Advisory Council on LGBTQ+ Affairs, and community partners to hold an affordable housing resource fair for those in the LGBTQIA+ community on Saturday, May 4. Resources provided at the event will include health testing services, housing legal support, and affordable housing resources. The event will be held at the Garfield Park Field House, 100 N. Central Park Ave., from 11am - 2pm. The event is free but attendees are asked to register so organizers can provide sufficient physical accommodations and interpreters.

Dr. Ige Highlighting Chicago's Health Initiatives

CDPH Commissioner Simbo Ige took center stage at three pivotal events in recent days, showcasing the department's commitment to Chicago's health, safety, and education initiatives. From inspiring graduates at the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health with empowering words, to championing safety measures at the City Council's Pedestrian Safety meeting and participating in the Chicago Park District's dynamic May in Motion campaign promoting holistic wellness, Dr. Ige embodies CDPH's multifaceted approach and dedication to fostering a safer, more vibrant, and Healthy Chicago for all.