Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)



The City's ERAP program is now closed.


Illinois Court-Based Rental Assistance Program

If you are in needed of emergency rental assistance and are currently in eviction court.  The Illinois Court-Based Rental Assistance Program (CBRAP) provides funding to Illinois tenants and landlords across the state who have pending cases in eviction court. The program is only available to litigants in eviction court. Applicants may qualify for up to $25,000 in emergency rental payments that can include up to 15 months of past-due rent and three months of future rent payments to prevent eviction.

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Rental Assistance Program

A separate Rental Assistance Program (RAP) from the Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) helps Chicagoans who have housing right now, but who may be at risk of becoming homeless due to a loss of income or another eligible emergency. The program is currently accepting applications.

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    If you are worried about remaining in your home because you have been unable to pay rent: 

  1. Don't Self-Evict - If you get an eviction notice, know that only the Sheriff can carry out an eviction. It is illegal for your landlord to try to remove you from your home. 
  2. Get Legal Help - Get free legal help at Rentervention.com or by calling 312.347.7600.

Si Ud. se preocupa por inestabilidad en su hogar porque no ha podido pagar la renta: 

  1. Si ha recibido una notificacion de desalojo del propietario de su departamento, no tiene que mudarse de inmediato. Sólo la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Cook puede finalizar 
    un desalojo, y es ilegal si el propietario intenta desalojarlo de su hogar. 
  2. Hay asistencia legal gratuita. Visite Rentervention.com o llame 312.374.7600. 

How many people has ERAP helped?

Through Feb.  28, 2022:

  • DOH has approved 17,407 applications
  • DOH has approved $134.6 million in assistance
    • This includes $2.8 million in assistance through Court-based ERAP, serving people through the Early Resolution Program.
  • DOH has received a total of 54,415 applications:
    • 15,431 matched applications with both tenant and landlord portions
    • 21,947 applications with only a tenant portion
    • 17,037 applications with only a landlord portion
    • Context: Under federal rules, only applications with a tenant portion can be funded

Below are two detailed files with information about ERAP awards, including anonymized demographic and geographic information. These files are based on quarterly reports submitted to the Treasury Department. They include information through Dec. 31, 2021 and will be updated with information through March 31 by April 30.

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