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Not Sure About Vaccinating Your Little Ones?

Find out everything you need to know about the COVID-19
vaccine for kids under 5 before you do

The vaccine has been designed with your child’s unique safety profile in mind, specifically re-sized for little ones ages 6 months through 4 years.

The vaccine may be new, but the technology behind it is well established. It has been studied for more than 20 years, long before anyone knew about COVID-19.

Pediatricians have been involved in the research, development, and approval of the vaccine throughout the process.

The vaccine is like a substitute teacher. It comes in to teach our bodies how to fight the COVID-19 virus and then leaves.

Potential serious side effects are extremely rare and effects of the COVID-19 virus are much more severe. The vaccine has been held to the same safety and effectiveness standards as other vaccines.

When you're ready to move forward, talk to your health care provider or visit us on the City of Chicago website.

Hear it Straight From the Experts

Find out what pediatricians and other healthcare professionals
have to say about the COVID-19 vaccine

"Pediatricians helped with the development of the COVID-19 vaccine for infants every step of the way."

– Vianess Santiago, Registered Nurse, mother

"Parenting in a pandemic is new. But the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine is over 20 years old."

– Dr. Felicia Scott Wellington, Pediatrician, mother

"I always tell my nervous patients: the vaccine for children 6 months and older is specially formulated for them. It’s safe."

– Dr. David Trotter, Emergency Medicine, father

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