Chicago Taxicab Medallion License Information

“Taxicab” means a public passenger vehicle licensed for hire at fare rates set by the City, which are recorded by a taximeter. A taxi may be hailed by customers on the street or prearranged. Taxis are driven by licensed public chauffeurs. Review the comprehensive guide on CHICAGO’S GUIDE TO LICENSING PUBLIC PASSENGER VEHICLES.



  1. Longer Life and Utilization for Taxicab Vehicles.
  2. Higher odometer mileage for a vehicle being initiated as a taxicab.
  3. Flexibility for smaller taxicab owners.
  4. Defer WAV taxicab mandate.
  5. Opens up opportunity for more individuals to be taxicab drivers.

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Taxicab License Fees & Taxes

  • Taxicab Medallion License: $500/2-year term
  • Ground Transportation Tax: $98/month
  • Taxi Accessible Fund Fee: $22/month
  • Taxi Chauffeur License: $5/2-year term

Important Schedules for Taxicab Owners and Managers

Ordinances and Rules


Department of Finance Information

Notices and Information

Public Vehicle Licensee Information at The City of Chicago Data Portal

Explore the City of Chicago Data Portal at for information on BACP licensed public passenger vehicles. Published datasets include, but are not limited to, public passenger vehicles, public chauffeurs, taxi trips, transportation network provider (TNP) vehicles, TNP drivers, and TNP trips.

Taxicab Medallion License Transfer Prices 8/22/2007 to Present

Taxi Medallion Transfers Data is now available at the City of Chicago Data Portal.  Click on the following links to access:


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