Underground Storage Tank Permit


An Underground Storage Tank system (UST) is a tank or combination of tanks and connected piping with at least 10% of its combined volume located underground. The tank system includes the tank, underground connected piping, underground ancillary equipment and any containment system.

Over time, USTs may corrode, leaking their contents into the surrounding soil and eventually our groundwater supply. For this reason, any UST with a capacity for storing petroleum products of 110-gallons or greater is regulated under the Municipal Code of Chicago by the Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Preventing and Reporting Leaks

Owners and operators of USTs are responsible for ensuring that their USTs do not leak. To assist them, CDPH has developed the UST Operation and Maintenance Manual for Owners and Operators. See Underground Storage Tank.

Anyone who suspects that a UST is leaking should call the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA at 800.782.7860) within 24 hours of the suspected leak.


To install, upgrade, repair, remove, abandon or to conduct interior lining inspection, you must first obtain a permit from CDPH.

To Apply for a Permit

CDPH will no longer accept UST permits or payments for processing.  Any permits or payment to this address will be returned and may delay the permit issuance.  Currently, the UST applications are available online to all active UST contractors at the OSFM Contractor Portal:

Read through the instructions in the Help Manual, look closely at all the information on the permit application screens, take your time getting used to the new process, and call if you need help to the following:

  • Daniel: 217.524.7628
  • Shelly: 217.785.7812
  • Fred: 217.557.3131
  • Raul: 312.745.3162