Tuberculosis Screening for New Arrivals

'Breathe Easier' TB Testing Campaign image - lungs comprised of twining flowers

As part of the medical examination that new arrivals to the United States must complete, individuals must receive a tuberculosis screening. A TB screening typically includes a review of medical history, a physical examination, and a TB blood test. This screening is important to make sure individuals with TB are treated and so TB does not spread to other community members. Examples of recent new arrival programs that required a TB screening are Uniting for Ukraine and Operation Allies Welcome.

This page serves as a resource for all individuals who are newly arriving to Chicago, or for those seeking a TB screening to meet employment requirements, to find reduced health care, especially for a TB screening and care. Individuals who are experiencing significant economic hardship will not be turned down for care, please reach out to the below healthcare centers for more information.

General information about TB and a variety of TB topics is available on US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Unfortunately, CDPH no longer provides routine TB screening services to the public. Many health clinics and doctor's offices in Chicago can test someone for TB. For a list of some of the places in Chicago, please see below. CDPH recommends that members of the public requiring TB screening contact the below clinics directly to verify availability and cost of TB screening.