Long Term Care Facility Evacuation Training

CDPH has implemented the Collaborative Healthcare Urgency Group’s (CHUG) evacuation plan for all Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities in Chicago.

The CDPH-CHUG Plan is designed to integrate with existing organizational, local, regional and statewide plans. The CDPH-CHUG plan is National Incident Command System (NIMS) compliant, providing organizations with the tools and resources to effectively evacuate, transport and relocate residents and patients in an emergency. The most critical component of the plan is the intent to maintain the health and medical continuum of care of each patient by utilizing a systematic triage process and then transporting the patient via the appropriate level of transport to the appropriate level of receiving facility.

The CDPH-CHUG plan is a comprehensive system that utilizes Standard Operating Guidelines, Job Action Sheets and NIMS compliant forms for Triage, Patient Tracking and Resource Utilization. The CHUG plan also includes an activation/notification system, communication plan and resource management component.

The CDPH-CHUG Plan is a time tested and proven plan, having been implemented on several occasions. The CDPH-CHUG Plan is continually revised and upgraded following major events and large scale exercises. The CDPH-CHUG implementation and training program is state-of-the art providing participating organizations, with the education, training and confidence to safely and effectively execute the plan when needed.