Sandblasting, Grinding, and Chemical Washing

Pursuant to the Chicago Municipal Code, Section 11-4-2190, a permit is required for sandblasting, grinding, or chemical washing of any building, facility, statue, or other architectural surface.  This permit, called an Architectural Surface Cleaning Permit, is separate from any construction or renovation permit issued by the Department of Buildings.  Copies of the Architectural Surface Cleaning Permit must be maintained at the location being sandblasted, ground, or chemically washed and must be made available to City inspectors upon request.

No sandblasting, grinding, or chemical washing may begin until your permit has been issued.

To apply for this permit, sign on to the City of Chicago Permit Portal at  (If you have never used the website before, you will need to create an account.)  Once you are signed in, click on Apply for New Permit.