What Happens to Items Taken to the Household Chemicals & Computer Recycling Facility


Items with sufficient BTU value, such as used oil and gasoline, are sent to secondary fuel or fuel blending facilities. Items such as batteries are sent to a recycling facility where the metal components are removed and recycled. Computers dropped off at the facility are broken apart and each material is recycled or properly disposed of.


Some items are sent to specially constructed incinerators with state-of-the-art air pollution control equipment.


If items can't be recycled or incinerated, they are sent to landfills specially constructed to receive hazardous waste.


Useable items, such as cleaners and automotive fluids, may be available for free at the facility’s material exchange room. Please ask a staff person to enter the exchange room, which is open during regular hours of operation. Chicagoans are welcome to take materials without dropping off any of their own.