Chicago Plan Commission

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The Chicago Plan Commission is responsible for the review of proposals that involve Planned Developments (PDs), the Lakefront Protection Ordinance, Planned Manufacturing Districts (PMDs), Industrial Corridors and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts. It also reviews proposed sales and acquisitions of public land as well as certain long-range community plans. Established in 1909, the commission has 23 members, including mayoral appointees made with City Council consent. Staff services are provided by the Planning and Zoning Division of the Department of Planning and Development (DPD). Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month, usually at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., in City Council chambers.

For applicants who would like to schedule a Concept/Land Use Review Meeting with DPD Regional Planners, please email These meetings will take place on Friday mornings between 10 a.m. and noon.



  • Teresa Córdova, Chair
  • Smita Shah, Vice-Chair
  • Andre Brumfield
  • Laura Flores
  • Raul Garza
  • Fran Grossman
  • Sarah Lyons
  • Deborah Moore
  • Guacolda Reyes
  • Linda Searl


  • Honorable Lori E. Lightfoot, Mayor
  • Gia Biagi, CDOT Commissioner
  • Walter Burnett, Jr., Alderman
  • Maurice D. Cox, DPD Commissioner
  • Michael P. Kelly, Park District Superintendent
  • Patrick Murphey, Zoning Administrator
  • Marisa Novara, DOH Commissioner
  • Harry Osterman, Alderman
  • Terry Peterson, CTA Board Chairman
  • Nicholas Sposato, Alderman
  • Thomas M. Tunney, Alderman
  • Gilbert Villegas, Alderman
  • Scott Waguespack, Alderman


Master PD Updates

DPD is accepting public comment on improved review and approval procedures for Chicago's largest construction projects that were first presented to the Plan Commission at its meeting on Oct. 17, 2019. The proposed requirements would supplement existing protocols for Planned Development (PD) projects and create a "Master PD" designation that would apply to projects of a certain size and scope. The Master PD designation would be required for private projects that exceed 20 acres, 4 million square feet of space or 4,000 dwelling units, and for public projects that exceed 10 acres, 2.5 million square feet or 2,500 dwelling units.

Public comments were due Monday, Dec. 16, 2019, and are currently under review by the CPC and its staff.

Upcoming meetings of the Chicago Plan Commission will be hosted virtually.

Rules for virtual meetings are available now for review. A summary of the public comment portion is available below:

  • Written statements are the preferred method of public comment and will be accepted up to 24 hours in advance of the meeting at Statements will be posted online for public review prior to the start of each meeting.
  • Members of the public wishing to speak must submit a speaking request form. Forms must be submitted by 10 a.m. the Tuesday preceding the meeting to
  • Verbal statements for all agenda items will take place at the beginning of each meeting, versus after each presentation.
  • A maximum of 15 members of the public will be permitted to comment on each proposal due to technical limitations. Selected speakers for each item will be chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each will be given instructions on how to provide up to three minutes of testimony.

A supplemental rule has also been issued for May 21, 2020. Questions on the rules can be directed to

Click here to access the live stream the day of the meeting.

2020 Meeting Schedule

January 23 Minutes Map
February 21 Agenda
March 19 Postponed to May 8

April 16 Postponed to May 8
April 23 Postponed to May 8
April 30 Postponed to May 8
May 8 Agenda Video

May 21 Agenda Video
June 18 Agenda Video
July 16 Agenda Video
August 20 Agenda Video

September 17 Agenda Map
October 15 Agenda
November 19 
December 17

2019 Meeting Schedule

January 24 Minutes Map
February 21 Minutes Map
March 21 Minutes Map

April 18 Minutes Map
May 16 Minutes Map
June 20 Minutes Map

July 18 Minutes Map
August 15 Minutes Map
September 19 Minutes Map
October 17 Minutes Map
November 21 Minutes Map
December 19 Minutes Map

2018 Meeting Schedule

January 18 Minutes Map
February 15 Minutes Map
March 15 Minutes Map
April 19 Minutes Map
May 17 Minutes Map
June 21 Minutes Map
July 19 Minutes Map
August 16 Minutes Map
September 13 Minutes Map
October 18 Minutes Map
November 15 Minutes Map
December 20 Minutes Map

2017 Meeting Minutes

January 19 Minutes Map
February 16 Minutes Map
March 16 Minutes Map
April 20 Minutes Map
May 18 Minutes Map
June 15 Minutes Map
July 20 Minutes Map
August 17 Minutes Map
September 20 Minutes Map
October 19 Minutes Map
November 16 Minutes Map
December 21 Minutes Map

2016 Meeting Minutes

January 21 Minutes
February 18 Minutes
March 17 Minutes Map
April 21 Minutes Map
May 19 Minutes Map
June 16 Minutes Map
July 21 Minutes Map
August 18 Minutes Map
September 15 Minutes Map
October 20 Minutes Map
November 17 Minutes Map
December 15 Minutes Map

2015 Meeting Minutes

January 15 Minutes
February 19 Minutes
March 9 Minutes
March 19 Minutes
April 16 Minutes
May 21 Minutes
June 18 Minutes
July 16 Minutes
August 20 Minutes
September 17 Minutes
October 15 Minutes
November 19 Minutes
December 17 Minutes

2014 Meeting Minutes

Jan. 16 Minutes
Feb. 20 Minutes
March 20 Minutes
April 23 Minutes
May 15 Minutes
June 19 Minutes
July 17 Minutes
Aug. 21 Minutes
Sept. 18 Minutes
Oct. 16 Minutes
Nov. 20 Minutes
Dec. 18 Minutes

2013 Meeting Minutes

Jan. 24 Minutes
Feb. 21 Minutes
March 21 Minutes
April 24 Minutes
May 16 Minutes
June 20 Minutes
July 18 Minutes
Aug. 15 Minutes
Sept. 19 Minutes
Oct. 17 Minutes
Nov. 21 Minutes
Dec. 19 Minutes

2012 Meeting Minutes

Jan. 19 Minutes
Feb. 16 Minutes
March 15 Minutes
April 19 Minutes
May 24 Minutes
June 21 Minutes
July 19 Minutes
Aug. 16 Minutes
Sept. 20 Minutes
Oct. 18 Minutes
Nov. 27 Minutes
Dec. 20 Minutes

2011 Meeting Minutes

Jan. 20 Minutes
Feb. 17 Minutes
March 17 Minutes
April 21 Minutes
May 19 Minutes
June 16 Minutes
July 21 Minutes
Aug. 18 Minutes
Sept. 15 Minutes
Oct. 20 Minutes
Nov. 17 Minutes
Dec. 15 Agenda

2010 Meeting Minutes

Jan. 21 Minutes
Feb. 18 Minutes
March 18 Minutes
April 15 Minutes
May 20 Minutes
June 17 Minutes
July 15 Minutes
Aug. 19 Minutes
Sept. 16 Minutes
Oct. 21 Minutes
Nov. 18 Minutes
Dec. 16 Minutes

2009 Meeting Minutes

Jan. 15 Minutes
Feb. 19 Minutes
March 19 Minutes
April 16 Minutes
May 21 Minutes
June 18 Minutes
July 15 Minutes
Aug. 20 Minutes
Sept. 17 Minutes
Oct. 15 Minutes
Nov. 19 Minutes
Dec. 17 Minutes


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