Landfill, Liquid Waste Facility, and/or Transfer Station Permit

Permit application requirements for landfills, liquid waste handling facilities and transfer stations are set forth in Rules and Regulations for Landfills, Liquid Waste Handling Facilities and Transfer Stations Operated within the City of Chicago.

For ease of use, this document has been divided into four sections:

All permit applicants should read Landfill/Waste Handling Permit Application Instructions. The remaining files describe specific requirements for landfill facilities, liquid waste facilities and transfer stations. Read only those sections that apply to you.

Please note: prior to receiving an operating permit, applicants must meet the financial security requirements described in Section 11-4-370 of the Municipal Code of Chicago and in the document Regulations and Security Requirements.

To apply for a landfill, liquid waste facility, and/or transfer station permit:

1.  Prepare the required permit application.  A permit application consists of a design report and operating plan prepared in accordance with applicable sections of Rules and Regulations for Landfills, Liquid Waste Handling Facilities and Transfer Stations.  Refer to the following to determine the fee amount.

Please do not send payment to this address.  Any payment sent to this  address will be returned and may delay the permit issuance.  Mail the application to:

Attn: Landfill, liquid waste, transfer facility permit
Chicago Department of Public Health
333 South State Street
Suite 200
Chicago IL 60604

2. Permit review. Permit will be reviewed and you will be notified if any changes are required or if your permit has been approved and applicable financial security requirements have been met. DOE permit staff may contact you for additional information or to request a meeting prior to issuing a final permit.  An invoice will be issued to for permit fee payment.

3. Mail Payment: Attach a check or money order to the invoice provided after permit approval payable to the City of Chicago for the permit fee.  

Complete Invoice Payment and prepare check or money order made payable to the City of Chicago.  Mail invoice and payment to:

City of Chicago
City Hall
Cashier Window
121 N LaSalle Rm.107
Chicago, IL 60602

Walk up payments are also available at this location.

4. A permit will be mailed to you approving a permit application.

For questions please call 312.745-3136.