Above Ground Storage Permit

A permit is required to install or remove an Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) for dispensing and non-dispensing with a volume greater than 110 gallons. City ordinance allows two dispensing tanks per site for a maximum capacity of 1000 gallons.

AST Installation Guidelines

Tanks must be enclosed within a two-hour fire-rated assembly. Tank assembly must provide 100-percent secondary containment of the flammable liquid. Refer to Chapter 15-24 Section 1 of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago for above-ground storage tank regulations.

Preventing and Reporting Leaks

Owners and operators of ASTs are responsible for ensuring their ASTs do not leak. Anyone who suspects that an AST is leaking should call the Illinois Emergency Management Agency at 800.782.7860 within 24 hours of the suspected leak.

To apply for an AST permit:

1.  Fill out the required permit application and site plans


2.  Attach a check or money order made payable to the City of Chicago
for the permit fee of $200.

3.  Mail  the application, site plans and payment to:

Storage Tank Section
Chicago Department of Public Health
333 S. State Street, Room 200
Chicago IL 60604

4.   A permit will be issued and mailed to you after your application has been approved. Permits expire six months from the issuance date. A six-month extension is available during the time the permit is valid for an additional $200 fee.

Please call 312.745.3162 with any questions about requirements for Above Ground Storage permits.


Image of an above ground strorage tank being installed and removed