Streeterville Right-of-Way or Property Permit

Based on the U.S. EPA’s recommendation, the City of Chicago is requiring radiation surveillance prior to intruding soils in the Streeterville Area. Thorium-contaminated materials may exist in some portions of the Streeterville Area. If subsurface thorium wastes are uncovered without proper environmental controls, workers and the public may be exposed to unhealthy radiation levels.

An applicant seeking a permit for any underground work in the Streeterville Area must ensure proper monitoring takes place any time excavation or ground breaking occurs. Please note that permits which involve work in the Moratorium Area will have a hold in the City Permit System and the applicant must schedule an appointment with the Department of Public Health (CDPH) before the hold can be released and a permit can be issued.  Radiation monitoring is required for ground breaking work on private property or in the Right-of-Way in the Moratorium Area. 

If CDPH determines that radiation monitoring is required, the applicant must then complete a form agreeing to conduct proper radiation monitoring. This form must be completed and submitted to CDPH prior to each instance of scheduled soil excavation or ground exposure.  Failure to complete this form may result in the delay of permits.  Please call 312.745.3133 to schedule an appointment.

Please view the aerial map to see if the proposed work might be located in the Moratorium Area.

Note: this map is for informational purposes only. USEPA fact sheets regarding the Streeterville Area are also available below.

For underground work in the Right-of-Way please complete the form, CDPH.ROW.03 and bring the original to the CDPH Office, 333 S. State Street, Room 200, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

For underground work on properties outside of the Right-of-Way please complete the form CDPH.PRPTY.02 Form and bring the original to the CDPH Office, 333 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

Questions? Call 312.745.3133.