Generally, the HCS includes approximately 100 questions that provide information to support Healthy Chicago 2.0 and other CDPH policies and programs. Questions that are asked every year cover the following topics: general health status and mental health, access to health and mental health care services, diet and food insecurity, physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, cancer screening and chronic conditions. Each year, the questionnaire also includes questions on a variety of additional topics, such as: active transportation, distracted driving, emergency preparedness, experiences of discrimination, financial security, neighborhood safety, prescription opiate misuse, sexual behavior and social cohesion.

2014 HCS Questionnaire

2015 HCS Questionnaire

2016 HCS Questionnaire

2017 HCS Questionnaire

2018 HCS Questionnaire

2020 HCS Questionnaire

2021 HCS COVID SIS Questionnaire

2021 HCS Questionnaire

2022 HCS COVID SIS Questionnaire

2022 HCS Questionnaire

The HCS is a cross-sectional survey with an annual sample of approximately 2,500 randomly selected adults aged 18 and older living in the city of Chicago. Interviews are conducted in English and Spanish. All data collected are self-reported.

2014 HCS Methodology Report

2015 HCS Methodology Report

2016 HCS Methodology Report

2017 HCS Methodology Report

2018 HCS Methodology Report

2020 HCS Methodology Report

2021 HCS COVID SIS Methodology Report

2021 HCS Methodology Report

2022 HCS COVID SIS Methodology Report

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