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CSI: A Business Plan for Manufacturing

Chicago Sustainable Industries (CSI): A Business Plan for Manufacturing is the result of a three-year collaboration by industry leaders and local government agencies on a comprehensive strategy to reinforce and expand Chicago’s manufacturing base.

As a formal plan prepared by the Department of Housing and Economic Development (HED) and adopted by the Chicago Plan Commission in November 2013, CSI serves several purposes. It identifies immediate strategies and actions that will positively impact small- and medium-sized manufacturers. It also coordinates government agencies around shared goals; provides a framework for infrastructure investment; offers a balanced assessment of manufacturing’s role in the local economy; reaffirms the City’s commitment to production-oriented businesses; and broadens the foundation upon which public- and private-sector initiatives can succeed.

CSI’s policies and strategies are based on several previous and current efforts to promote, protect, and attract production-oriented businesses, including the CSI "Work Plan," below.

Download the CSI Business Plan for Manufacturing.


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CSI: A Manufacturing Work Plan for the 21st Century

The Chicago Sustainable Strategies Initiative (CSI) "Work Plan" is the City of Chicago’s first effort to coordinate the economic, social and environmental aspects of Chicago's manufacturing sector as part of a comprehensive plan to promote industrial growth. The Work Plan resulted in the creation of the the CSI "Business Plan," above.

With more than 50 representatives of Chicago's manufacturing sector in attendance, the Work Plan's inaugural meeting kicked off at City Hall on April 14, 2011.

Planning for the strategy started two earlier, when HED Sustainable Development staff successfully applied for a U.S. Department of Commerce grant for cities that have lost jobs due to international trade agreements. The $692,000 grant was used to fund CSI and, ultimately, the formal Business Plan to maximize Chicago's industrial future.

Download the CSI Work Plan (22 MB) or in sections below.


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Introduction, Vision and Work Plan

Chicago's Manufacturing History and Current Base Industries

Resources, Citywide Maps and Zoning Matrix

Industrial Corridor Zoning & Land Use Maps:

Brighton Park
Greater Southwest
Little Village
North Branch
West Pullman
Western Ogden

City Incentives, Acknowledgements