Institutional Review Board (IRB)

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What We Do

The Chicago Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) Institutional Review Board (IRB) monitors research involving CDPH patients/clients and staff. Special attention is given to the protection of patients’/clients’ rights, safety, and privacy. The CDPH IRB, assures compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations for the Protection of Human subjects (45 CFR 46). Research is not a right, but a privilege granted to researchers by an institution to those individuals willing to work within federal guidelines, state laws, and institutional requirements.

Further, the IRB assures that all CDPH-related research aims to benefit, directly or indirectly, the participants and the people of Chicago. This includes verifying that the merits and costs of the research are in the best interests of the people of Chicago. IRBs are required for all projects funded by the federal government and all human research at many other institutions, including CDPH.

CDPH Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) acceptance code: FWA00001184 - Expires 2/20/2024

Who We Are

  • Mildred Williamson, PhD MSW| IRB Chair
  • Nik Prachand, MPH | member
  • Srah Rittner, MA | non-scientist member
  • Peter Ruestow, PhD | member
  • Yaa Simpson, MPH | member
  • Snigdha Acharya, JD| member

IRB Chair

Appointed by the commissioner, The chair leads an IRB that is assembled and operated in a manner consistent with the CDPH IRB policies and procedures. The Chair is authorized to sign all documents relevant to the review and approval of research applications that have been submitted to the IRB for review. The Chair is also a voting member of the IRB and assumes the responsibilities of an IRB member.

Application Forms & Instructions

CDPH IRB Forms are required for any IRB review. Once submitted, your submission will be reviewed by both the IRB administrator and Chair to determine the type of review and provide updates.

General IRB Information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


  1. Please submit your protocol and all required submission forms to
    1. If submission is incomplete, you will be asked to resubmit with the appropriate documents.
    2. Please title your email subject with your protocol title
    3. Be sure to include a protocol version number and date in the title page of the protocol.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement email after submission, and it will include an assigned IRB#. This number assists us in tracking your protocol.
  3. Please submit protocols before meeting deadlines for full board review. Meeting dates and application due dates are posted below. If protocols are expected to be exempt or expediated please allow 4-6 weeks for review.


2024 IRB Meeting Schedule

Application Due Date
(for Full Board review)
Meeting Date, Time Meeting Location* Meeting Agenda and Minutes
February 26 March 26, 1pm-2pm CDPH-Damen
Room 4024 (“Training Room”)
03.26.24 Agenda
May 11 June 11, 1pm-2pm CDPH-Washington
Room 433 (“Blue Room”)
August 10 September 10, 1pm-2pm CDPH-Damen  
November 10 December 10, 1pm-2pm CDPH-Washington  

*Locations alternate between the CDPH-Damen and CDPH-Washington locations; their addresses are listed below:

Additionally, rooms for each location are posted a month before the planned date of the meeting.


3/12/2024: CDPH IRB is seeking to enlarge our Board to include community members. Please apply here.

12/31/2018: The Common Rule: was substantially revised in 2017 and has been amended twice to delay the date that regulated entities must comply with the revised version of the rule. We refer to this version as the "revised Common Rule," the "2018 Requirements," or the "2018 Rule."

See the list of common questions about the revised Common Rule with answers from OHRP for more information.

Contact Information

You can reach us at:

Resources & Trainings

  • The following graphic charts are intended to aid those who need to decide if an activity is research involving human subjects that must be reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB) and whether informed consent or the documentation of informed consent can be waived under the 2018 Requirements found for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) at 45 CFR part 46, Subpart A.
  • CDPH IRB accepts the following training:
    • OHRP's comprehensive training on human research protections based on the requirements of the revised Common Rule (or 2018 Requirements). A printable completion certificate is available at the conclusion of each lesson. Note that OHRP does not collect information about who accesses or completes this training.
    • For NIH-funded human subjects research, investigators and key personnel must fulfill the protection of human subjects education requirement. This can be achieved by completing OHRP’s Human Research Protection Training. Please review NIH’s “Educational Requirement” for additional information.
  • For more resources and potential training opportunities, visit: